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Dark times are coming to the Elven Kingdom of Queen Elanil...

Play through a kinky adventure featuring lots of elves (and now humans!) getting soundly spanked!

  • Explore the Royal Palace, brave the Dark Forest and its newly-awoken monsters.
  • Discover the Royal Academy and its secrets, strict teachers and classmates to befriend, romance, and more!
  • Find new friends and adventures in the Human city of Stonehold! Beware, not all is as it seems...

This release contains the prologue, chapter one (the Academy) and chapter two (Stonehold)

Chapter 3 coming Q1 2023!


  • A fantasy adventure full of characters to interact with!
  • Over 100 different spanking scenes
  • Choices that will affect the story
  • Monster to fight, secrets to unfold!
  • A developing story!
  • Gallery with over 140 pictures to unlock! 
  • Achievements and high scores

This release contains the prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 — it's free! See the rewards if you want to support ^^

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Oct 31, 2021
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withAudacity, Adobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
Tags2D, Adult, bdsm, Ren'Py, sexy, Singleplayer, spanking
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 11
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Version 11
elven.kingdom.program-release.apk 1 GB
Version 10

Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Thank you!

Support the development of the next chapter and get your name in game (in the about page, the credits, and possibly on in-game Easter eggs in the next chapter)

Personalised picture!

Support the development of the next chapter and get a personalised picture featuring the main character or the princess spanking or being spanked by any character of your choice (including OCs or any other character, not just from the game itself)

You also get the previous tier reward, of course.

Create a character!

Support the development of the next chapter and get to collaborate with Kalidwen to create and name an NPC that will appear in the next chapter of Elven Kingdom (scheduled for May 2022). This character may appear in spanking scenes if you wish and can be of a variety of fantasy races.

You also get the previous tiers rewards, of course.

Development log


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Hi, will in the next chapter be some pink colored elves


I don't think so, but there should be more purple ones ^^

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Any update on when in quarter 1 we’re gonna see the drop?


I'm aiming for the 19th of March (if everything goes as planned!); I'll post a devlog soonish :)

Im stuck on the runes page 😭

Is this game exclusively spanking or is there other fetishes/content?


Hi, I have few questions. Is the map of ch1 going to return and are you planing to put these or some of these places in the game. And if yes, will there be an option where you could go from place to place by simply clicking on it (similar as ch2 map). And I can not find Stonehold on the ch1 map. Is it missing or.........


An extended version of the map will return, yeah. Stonehold is further to the East of the current one. As for travelling, that's a good idea! It would allow the player to go back to Stonehold or the palace for extra adventures if they want to ^^

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Another question while I’m at it. Any chance we’ll see spankings on body parts other than the classic butt and thighs in the next chapter? 


Yes, actually ^^ Don't know yet whether I'll make it optional or not, but there will be at least the possibility in some scenes for breast whipping (and maybe feet? If people are into that?)


Good to know. Breast slapping/spanking is always nice.

Yes. About the feet part


Noted ;)


Will we see more of Maera disciplining the mc in chapter 3?


Yes, both should get spanked plenty ^^

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Been having some trouble with the eye spy-esq minigames. First the manor one, and now the rune finding one in the tower, both slow the game down immensely, halting commands by upwards of a minute+, and sometimes just not working at all, currently stuck on the rune finding puzzle in the tower because of this, it literally won’t let me do the minigame.

Can I ask what kind of system you're playing on? You're not the first to report a slowdown but I can't reproduce it on any of the computers I have.

(1 edit)

My laptop isn’t the best, but it has been able to run most of the game just fine. It’s not intended for gaming, but can run simpler (no offense intended, I’m talking processing) stuff like this. It’s a Dell. Honestly, if you’re not able to fix this, if you could just post an indicator of where the runes are I might be able to go from there, due to the lag it’s a total crapshoot as to where each of them are, I’ve tried over sessions possibly adding up to hours now. Quick question while I’m here. Is there any scene in which the Dean spanks the player? I haven’t been able to find one.

I’ve actually managed to figure these issues out (all of them) mostly through brute force. Much appreciated though.

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on the start of chapter two the stranger ask if you've seen his cart. can you find it? does it lead to anything?


Not yet! But it will be relevant later ;)


Thank you for that great game you created. I really liked the diffrent kind of characters and their access to spanking ;P

Especially the Part at the academy made a lot of fun, thanks to the possibilty to gain the simpathy of the NPCs. At this part I wished for mor simultaneous outcomes at the end. And I hoped to stay a bit longer at academy :D 

Furthermore I would like to add a tiny bit of constructive criticism. It would be useful to see which answer is meant to sound like positive, naughty, supportive, sassy etc. also I understand it when you prefer not to do so. But when I met the teachers for example I was eager to answer as sassy as possible, but it appeared to be difficult precisely because the answers were not clearly recognizable in the direction.

Anyways, I just played the game ones and have to find more pictures first, maybe thats why I am a bit critical ;P All in all I can't wait to play the next chapter!

Thanks again for your great work I really appreciate.


Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you've been having fun with the game!

I like the idea of having an idea of the tone of responses, à la Mass Effect and whatnot! I'm not sure how I would do it, but it's a fun idea... I'll definitely keep it in mind!

Exactly, like Mass Effect for example. With diffrent kind of colours, or symbols that mark the direction in which you choose to develope your character or relationships. 

Thanks again ;) Also I would like to know how I can get in touch with you? To be precise I send you an email a while ago but did not received an answer. It was about a text of mine. I understand it when you are not interested in it, but I just wanted to be sure.

I don't think symbols would be the easiest to implement for me (coding is hard ^^), but maybe colours would work (like, the options being on different coloured backgrounds, if you see what I mean)

The easiest way to contact me at the moment is via email ( kalidwen.ogan@gmail.com ) — feel free to send it again if you'd already used that, I might have missed it or just forgotten to reply x)


book name


Shadow (if it's what I think you're asking)



You don't colour the characters on purpose? 

Will there be adult content in the future? 

Do our previous decisions matter? (For example, the judgements we make in the prologue, or our academic performance. )

Could you help me this part ? It said that i need to eight runes , but i can not find it 

Hello, thank you again for your great game and I would have liked to know if you intend to translate chapter 2 into French because I had done the first chapter in English but I really enjoyed your game in French. Many thanks again for your work on this game

Yes, the translation is planned and in progress! I would have preferred to have it done by the time it came out but it is sooooooo much work that I just decided to release the English version first.

thank you very much :)

Is it possible to lose at the end of chapter 2?

No, but maybe I should add the option?

Thanks for replying. It would be great to have PC lose at the end of chapter 2, only to be saved by Spymistress.

I would like to second that option to lose at the end of chapter 2 as well by any chance will we be seeing the bully from chapter 2 again I would love to give or receive another wedgie from her again love the bullying aspect when I play a sub path.

Please help me solve this part

"I can only live where there is light, but I will die if it shines on me"

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The answer is "shadow" without the quotation marks

best game ever ... i can't wait for the next chapter 

i need 8 more scenes to complete my album ... can you help a perfectionist spanko out 😅

my messing scenes are : ch1 scenes (4 and 22) and ch2 scenes (1 and 25 and 55 and 58 and 60 and the last one) 

if anyone messing a scene other then those i will gladly help 

I think I'll need to put a guide together, especially now that there are quite a lot of scenes to get! The ones marked "secret" are usually to be found within the "hidden object" sections (where you have to highlight stuff in the background)...

The first image of ch2 will only appear if you have saved a certain someone in the forest and then get to Stonehold (bit convoluted, I'll admit!)

that would be great ... thank you very much for responding and for making this great game .... and special thanks for the apk .... android spanking games are very rare ❤️🍑

do you know how to get the secret scene in ch1? i think it's scene 17.

It's hidden upstairs in the vampire's manor (when you're looking for a key)

I figured out how to get number 4 on ch1 if you haven't yet gotten it btw, you have to hang out with mael (hunting dude) and pick "it was the naiad being spanked"


(1 edit)

I was wondering how many wedgie scene there were and if there are plans for more I love the humiliation it brings to the scene when I play a sub route

is this all about spanking and no fucking? I just downloaded the game and I dunno what to expect.. I hope someone answer my question thanks!

It's just spanking for the moment!

Cool! Thanks dude

Hey can we fuck the characters while spanking?

Not at the moment, no

okay, that's fine. 

Interesting, I don't Believe that the "Turn off X/m?" Content Pop Up,  Was there Before. I am Not Against that At all, Since it is there to Respect the Player's Preferences. In fact, I kind of Wish there were More Times I saw something like that. and Being someone who Is More preferential to  X/f Than X/m I can Certainly Appreciate that. ^ ^

Darn, the new update breaks compatibility with joiplay so i can't play the game on my phone for now :< hopefully this is eventually fixed, but for now I'll still gladly play the new chapter on my laptop

Deleted 162 days ago

apk up! Playtesters have been able to make it work with no issues

Woo! I may have already played through the update on PC, but I'll gladly do it again in the new Android version haha

Simply the best spanking games I've ever known, period. Can't wait for the next chapter!

this was amazing! there were a few typos but good lord this was a great game, My playthrough I chose Ly'dele btw, but yeah this was quite enjoyable, I hope you plan to continue!


Hey, glad you liked it! The next chapter is coming in a few days, so you won't have long to wait ^^ Hopefully, the typos have been fixed by then, but if you spot some, feel free to let me know!

What's the password of that wolf barking book


I believe it was "shadow"

amazing game i love it very entertaining and great story . thank you


Hooray! An update will be released tomorrow! You can already start counting down!)) I'm in awe and looking forward to the update))

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Yay can't wait, I'll be glued to this page all day waiting lol


My time zone closed my 17th day and the 18th day began)) Good luck waiting for you on this day)) And I will download the game tomorrow)) I hope))

Love this game. Any word on when chapter 2 is coming out?

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is there a guide or anything to help me progress?

i just got to the village and it won't let me do anything


You should go to the forest (in the middle), then go to the tavern (on the left), and that should get you on the right track!

alright, will do.
thank you!

Interesting game, but I have a few questions.

You don't colour the characters on purpose? (It's like playing with ghosts.)

Will there be adult content in the future? (I found two scenes.)

Do our previous decisions matter? (For example, the judgements we make in the prologue, or our academic performance. )

Do I get to fuck these elfs?

Realy greate game! Since yesterday its may 2022 ;) Is there already a more concrete release date? Cant wait for Chaptor 2.

I haven't started playing yet, but I already like it. I really love these games and I would like to have the choice of such scenes myself, for example, the character asks someone for punishment, checks someone's strength or wants to pass the time, etc.

This very good, but you can think about android, please? This game is cool.


The best spanking VN i've seen so far. It opens up with "Elven Kingdom - A Spanking Adventure" and this is exactly what you get. The amount of different Characters and "Story-events" ;) is remarkable, also the overarching story is really fun and interesting. Basically, if "spanking" is your thing, you have to give this a try. Looking forward to Chapter 2.


I originally wrote this as a comment then realised there was a proper place to write reviews so deleted my comment and wrote it as a review instead and now can't work out how to read other peoples reviews even though I can see that there are five others of them so I'm putting mine back as a comment again -sorry all.

Just finished my first playthrough of this amazing game. I've never seen a game based around spanking before and I'm so glad that the first one I've found is of such high quality. The backgrounds are nothing short of stunning, a lot of them have moving elements to them as well so aren't just static images.

The game contains music and sound effects along with many, many spanking scenes of some of the most beautiful Elven girls you will ever see and lots of written dialogue and multiple storylines that are just as interesting in their own right and a few mini-games. The dialogue on each page is kept short and to the point with most pages containing just a single line of text so you're not constantly trying to read through walls of text and because of this the game flows nice and smoothly and quickly.

Stats wise it took me around 3 hours or so to complete my first game and I unlocked 35 out of 75 gallery sections (some sections contain a single image and some of them contain multiple images) The game is like the old "Choose your own adventure" books with the player being offered multiple choices and the results and situations change depending on the choices you make (you can even name your main character who I called Saracen which as I played seemed to fit her very well), so I would estimate that in order to even have a chance of opening all of the gallery sections you would need to play the game a minimum of three times, which I don't think would be boring at all and indeed shows just what good value for money the game is if you decide to get it.

All in all I think Kalidwen should be commended on an outstanding job and if you are interested in FF or MF spanking this game is well worth every penny of whatever you choose to pay for it, I personally paid $10 and after just playing the prologue alone felt compelled to come back and sign up for the $50 tier in order to show support for the game and have my own character feature in the next chapter and now I have completed the game I don't regret that decision at all and am already looking forward to my second playthrough which I'll do in a couple of days. Thank you Kalidwen for a unique and fascinating game.